Wednesday, November 14, 2012

RAFFAELLO VERSO PICASSO: Storia di Sguardi,Volti e Figure

PIERRE-AUGUSTE RENOIR "Danza a Bougival"  (1882 - 1883)

From 6 October Vicenza will host one of the largest art exhibitions in Italy 2012: " RAFFAELLO VERSO PICASSO: Stories of Eyes, Faces and Figures" .Considered by far one of the most important art events in Italy, Picasso verso Raffaello will bring together more than one hundred masterpieces from around the world in a unique exhibition in the Palladio Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza.

In Raffaello verso Picasso, the great history of the portrait and the figure will be presented according to an original formula designed to provide the viewer with connections deeper than a normal chronological order. Organized into thematic sections, the exhibition of art in Vicenza presents resonances, analogies and stylistic relationships that transcend time by linking together works of art from different periods, including a wide span from the fifteenth to the twentieth century. In the splendid Palladio Basilica Palladian Vicenza, the exhibition will put side by side in a new way the greatest artists in the history of art, breaking the flow of time to provide interesting insights and new comparisons.

The title of the exhibition suggests the different shades that can be analyzed, from the perfection of the Renaissance style to its complete demolition and exasperation with cubism, the quiet and calm of the fifteenth century figures as opposed to the anxiety and tension of the twentieth century: Raffaello verso Picasso, a path along history and at the same time a comparison between two opposite ways of interpreting the figure

GIOVANNI BELLINI "Madonna col Bambino" (1509)

GIORGIONE "Ritratto di Giovane Uomo" (1510)

DIEGO VELAZQUEZ "Filippo IV Re di Spagna" (1625-1628 c.)

FRANCESCO CAIRO "Erodiade" (1634-1635)

EDUARD MANET "Lezione di Musica" (1870)

JEAN-FRANCOIS MILLET  "Young Shepherdess" (1870)

PIERRE RENOIR "Donna con parasole e bambino su un sentiero soleggiato di collina" (1876)

VINCENT VAN GOGH "Madam Roulin" (1888-1889)

JOHN SINGER SARGENT  "Mrs Fiske Warren" (1903)

PABLO PICASSO "L'Italiana" (1917)

AMEDEO MODIGLIANI "Giovane con Berretto" (1919)

ANDREW WYETH "Christina Olson" (1947)

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