Thursday, October 18, 2012

THE THIRTIES: The Arts in Italy beyond Fascism

 "Donna al caffe" - ANTONIO DONGHI

In this days, at PALAZZO STROZZI in Florence, you could visit a really interesting exhibition about italian arts during the 30s. In those days Fascism was in power and had sway, and artists got inspiration from classicism to futurism, from expressionism to abstract art. Just a few names to suggest: Mario Sironi, Giorgio de Chirico, Lucio Fontana, Carlo CarrĂ ...  

"Montale" - GUIDO PEYRON

"Figura con cappello" - GIGI CHESSA

 "Estate (L'amaca)" - FELICE CARENA 

 "Il Nomade" - PIPPO RIZZO



  1. I've just visited it this evening. I had meant to for a long time, a bit crowded today, probably because tomorrow it ends. Interesting, thou I enjoyed the one before, on the American Impressionism, more. It seems to me that the art of the '30s is a bit kitschy, a bit too eclectic for my taste, as if the artists were in search of something they couldn't settle for. Considering the troubled period, I guess it's only natural. Next Saturday: Kandinsky at Palazzo Blu in Pisa :)

  2. For was a troubled period ad artists probably felt those atmosphere and put all that in their works... Hope tomorrow you will enjoy Kandinsky ;o) Love