Sunday, March 06, 2011

REWIND: True Grint by Joel & Ethan Coen

Maybe the creative brother Dean&Dan drown their inspiration from another creative duo Joel&Ethan for their DSQAURED2 fall 2011 collection - both men and women; true or not the fact is that for the next winter season we could take lots of ideas from TRUE GRIT, the new movie of Coen brothers. Hats with wide brim, coarse coats and heavy jacket, better with a leather belts tight around the waist, paisley pattern neckerkief and if you want something sweeter & girlish you can wear long checked skirt, white or flowered blouse with rounded collar and lean swallowtailed jacket. But if you really want to emphasize the true Wilde West theme don't forget fringe and boots with clinking spurs. Have a look at A.F. Vandervorst jacket, Antonio Marras and Etro long coats and the whole Dsquared2 collections. 
Seeing is believing !!!

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